Abandoned Hearts: A Walking Cinema Project


For my dissertation project for my third year at university, I chose to take a risk, by creating something different and new. I decided to create a bigger project and looking more closely at the style of a Walking Cinema, from the semester previous and develop it further in the style of animation. Below, you will be able to see a video that demonstrates this idea and how it could 'immerse' the viewer through the use of 'Hybrid Spaces'.

The biggest project that I have created so far is the charming and strange story of 'Abandoned Hearts'. Abandoned Hearts is a form of Stop-Motion animation, experimenting with new techniques, which presents a story about a little blue creature who is shunned away as an outsider by all of the other creatures that also live in the village. However he does stumble across something mysterious that may just change his life.

The first video that is presented is the teaser trailer video, which gives a small insight into the short film of Abandoned Hearts.

Below is a video demonstration of this Walking Cinema concept idea with a rough demonstration of a dream tent that I have developed, which takes on a similar approach to Jeffrey Shaw's 'ConFiguring the Cave'