For a module in my course, which was entitled 'Motion Graphics' that took place in first year, we had to create an animated video. With a wide variety of animation to choose from, such as cartoon, typography and stop-motion animation, I decided to look into 'Rotoscoping'. Rotoscoping was something new for me to try out. As I already knew the ways of stop-motion and cartoon hand-drawn animation by this point, I was determined to learn and experiment with a new form of animation, hence the reason why I chose Rotoscoping.

This rotoscoped animation project that I have come up with is called 'Animacrazy' and the story reflects on an individual, who is sick of everyday life and doing the same thing everyday. However, on his way to work, he comes across something that makes him appear in a whole different world, a world that is very different to the boring, robotic world that he is from.

The word 'Animacrazy' which is also the name of this website, is a term that I have created, which refers to animation and artwork being unusually weird and strange enough for a person to go crazy and imagine a different world. The artwork that was used in the animation video and in my art collection, was an experiment that I had came up with which I thought contributed well to the term animacrazy.