Dancing In The Sky: Digital Imaging

'Dancing In The Sky' is the first book I have created. This book looks closely at 'Digital Imaging.' Digital Imaging was a module that I took part in, in first year at University of Ulster. It looked closely at the development of images by combining a number of images, whether they would be photography , artwork or scanned images, you would merge them to make appear as a form of Digital Art. With six different topics for the images to relate to;

  • Land and Sky

  • Memories and Imaginations

  • Man and Machine

  • Old and New

  • Order and Chaos

  • Heaven and Hell

  • With the information on each image I had developed, I also decided to put my early comic book styled illustrations in it to achieve a narrative throughout the book. The narrative structure of the book follows a young girl by the name of Dagmar, who is being chased by a dark evil and mysterious shadow. For each section of the book, 'Memories and Imaginations', 'Man and Machine', 'Order and Chaos' I had made each part of the narrative relate to the topic presented.