Interactive Animation:


If we went to the cinema to watch a film, we're always waiting for the big things, such as the showdown between the hero and the villain or a car chase scene and because of that, most of us forget and find it hard to pay attention on the little things that make up the story. This is due to the idea that we are living in an age of Information Overload, a movie in the cinema is an example of it, we are sitting in the chair with information being constantly thrown at us. The director and the storywriters are telling you a story in the way they want to, it is hard to keep up with all of the information. According to Veronica Belmont; 'We are consuming information like never before.' According to the BBC news; ' academic study by the University of California, San Diego, suggests that current data levels are the equivalent of each citizen consuming 12 hours of information-or-media-each day.' As there are 24 hours in a day, this would take up ¾ of the individual's day. I would like challenge the audience's passivity towards narrative in a film and I have found a way that would contribute to that!


To help reduce passivity from audiences of narrative, for this particular project, I looked very closely to the concept of 'Interactive Narratives.' Not only was it the importance of narrative in film that I was concerned about, but also the importance of narrative in gaming. What I have noticed that today, many gamers would focus more on the gaming and technological side of the game than on the narrative. The user seems to engage more when they control the characters etc. However, they are given so much power and mesmerized by this idea that you can escape to a virtual world that they are not focusing on the narrative. I chose to create an interactive narrative, which will limit the choices of the viewer, but still give them the idea that they are in control. There are games that use this role, such as Heavy Rain, you go through a story by using the options that the creators [Quantic Dream] provides for you.


As you'll see in the outcome of this project 'Tache', it will give the viewer a chance to decide and take power of this little creature with the options that I have provided. The people who have interacted with this video, was able to engage with the story, very strongly and it was clear that Narrative clearly wins over Gaming.

Why does Narrative win?

In this particular aspect, I have limited the interactive actions of the viewer with the video, therefore allowing the narrative to be taken in more strongly. The forethought of the interactivity was to keep the viewer focusing on the narrative; the use of the interactive buttons was to keep drawing attention from the viewers.