Paul Tracey Consulting

Having created work for Success (NI) in 2013, I have discovered that the organisation since then has shifted in a different direction. Paul Tracey, the founder and owner of Success (NI) decided to have a makeover for his business, presenting it as 'Paul Tracey Consulting'. By changing the programmes, he is introducing new ways for people to resist their overpowering fears/behaviour/ways of thinking that prevents them from achieving what they want. By introducing concepts such as the mindset shift, Paul can contribute his skills, experience and knowledge to those who just need a little guidance to removing obstacles between them and their dream goals.

Since 2013, I have accessed better knowledge of camera equipment, video making and after having practice with the video for Success (NI), I was confident with making more enticing videos this time around. Once again with help of a fellow family member and graduate of film making, Sarah-Jayne Tracey, we were able to produce videos which contribute to a fresh and professional start for a new business.

To find out more about 'Paul Tracey Consulting', please use this link to the website.