PIPs Charity

One of the clients that I had the pleasure of working with was PIPs Charity in Belfast. It was for a Group Dissertation project in my third year of University that was organised through 'The Science Shop', an organisation that offers opportunities to many students to present and work on a project with a community or voluntary group across Northern Ireland. Myself and two other colleagues had to create some things that PIPs charity were in need of. On Monday 11th February, we met with the clients at their PIPs organizational residence to discuss and go over the details of what it is that they wanted for us to create. We were given a wide range of work. Essentially, we were given a wide variety of work to think about creating for a whole new programme that is supported by PIPs. This program was titled ‘Bounce back.’ What is Bounce back? It is a programme that is directed more at a young age group, mostly school kids, teaching them about resilience. Bounce back was created by one of the staff of PIPs Jennifer and she was able to give us a deeper insight of what the programme involved and with the other clients, explained to us on what they would like from us, in relation to this programme.

The work that was looked for were as followed;

  • Developing a new site: Creating a website with a layout that the younger generation would like

  • Creating a Logo

  • Producing Memorabilia

  • Photographs

  • Posters

  • Social Networks- e.g. Facebook and Twitter

  • Developing an existing presentation into something unique and catches people’s attention more

  • The work that I had contributed towards this programme were:

  • Designing the Logo

  • Photography

  • Planning, Storyboarding, Directing and editing the emergency video with the assistance of a fellow colleague from the group Michael Kearney.

  • Please feel free to have a look through the book preview below in which you will be able to see the development of how Bounceback came to being.

    Along with this range of work, we were also asked to make an emergency click video for the people who were feeling suicidal and use it to help prevent that feeling from taking over.

    Within our group, we decided to do what we thought we would best work on individually and then relate them all together and contribute to others. I took the pleasure of working on the photography, logo designs and the video. Of course the others were able to contribute to those and I was able to help them out with their website, memorabilia etc.