One of the film work that explores the dark/horror like ideas, is 'Sanity.' Sanity is a project that was created for a module entitled 'Post-cinematic practice' in Second year of University. For one of the briefs, I was given options of what to create to portray two narratives through:

  • A Multi-screen narrative

  • A Looped narrative

  • A 20 second narrative

  • A Downfall meme video

  • Sanity is a project that is presented as a 20 second narrative, starring Paul Mc Groarty. Sanity is a project that does not have one fixed storyline, as I want the viewer to explain what the story is. Listening to a lot of viewers interpretations of the story, there were at least five different versions and that pleased me, because I created a film that can allow the viewers to create stories with. This is different in the way films/cinema operates, but this could be a way for the audience to be more intrigued with a film, they are filling in the blanks, therefore getting them to tell a story from the elements that I have provided within a film footage.