Visual Audiobook:
'The Grisly Tale of Old Magwell Baggots'


The second project for the iMAP is the Interactive Storybook. The purpose of this project is to show how people are more engaged with visuals and imagery than they focus on literature print.
According to analyst Gary Peterson, if you download an app for an iPhone, Ipad or an android device, ‘…there in the palm of your hand you will have …not merely the future of printing, but the saviour of printing.’ It is notified to us by technological companies today that we are heading towards a world where printing will be dead. Today, if we look around, more and more people are reading their daily newspaper, such as the guardian, or books on their Ipad, IPod and kindle devices. Not only that, people have found way to learn about what is happening with the world through the use of the social networking site such as Twitter. For me, I believe that literature is slowly diminishing from print and image_1entering into this world of electronic data information. The reason why, is because of this idea of Information Overload, people are always consuming data, electronic data, by going on the web, receiving emails and notifications from social networking sites on their handheld devices. This is where it relates back to Veronica Belmont who says that we are constantly on our mobile devices ‘…24/7 with all you can eat data plan in the palms of our hands. We are consuming information like never before.’ As a student, I have noticed that students would be more inclined to search for an electronic book that is online, than choose a book from the library, why? Well, it is there ready and waiting for them, it’s just a few clicks away on the computer. For this project, it focuses on the very heavy use of visual images. It can be considered that audiences engage better with images than they do with text. This can be brought back to the introduction of images within the printing press, as they discovered that people believe that images provide a better way of telling a story than text does.


The idea that I have for this project is the idea of an interactive visual audiobook. This was originally intended to be an interactive storybook, however while in the process of making it, I was receiving feedback that I should leave out the text, as people were more interested in the visual artwork and the audio of this project. This certainly helps my argument about the overall iMAP project that people are very interested in visual work. Text, although they are visual, do not appear as informative to viewers as images do. This storybook, like the interactive comic book, contains small animated elements, this was mainly because I believe that not only will it catch the reader’s attention whereas a still image wouldn’t have that much of an effect, but it would provide an atmospheric way of telling a story and make it a little bit real.


The project that I have created was the Interactive Visual Audio book that explores a chapter out of a story that I wrote in school called ‘The Grisly Tale of Old Magwell Baggots’. The chapter that I focused heavily on was probably one of my favourite parts of the story, the chapter is called ‘The Witch’s house.’ There were a lot of plans for this book, like the comic book, I wanted to show this story through an I pad, but have it in a hollow book, as I wanted to play with this idea that print is being taken over by digital information. Many people like the idea of holding the book and the feeling of the book and they always talk about how they don't want to have a kindle, they want to keep going 'old school' but alot of people have stopped thinking about that and decided to get one of these tablets. This project was unfortunately impacted by time constraints. Here is an example of what it will look like. I am determined to complete this.

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