Walking Cinema
'Remember The Time'


This project, the fourth and final one, I chose to collaborate with a colleague of mine. This project looked very closely at the idea of a 'Walking Cinema'. This could relate back to the first project, where audiences would be considered becoming passive within the cinema. To help investigate their engagement, I chose to look in a somewhat different approach of how to let narrative win. This project is to help audience's engagement with a narrative in a more creative and possibly, a more attentative way. This is where the concept of Augmented reality comes in. According to Lev Manovich, he saw augmented space as a physical space altered into a database; '...the flows of information that previously occurred mainly in cyberspace can now be perceived as flowing into and out of physical space, blurring the borders between both.' (Scouza, 2006, p.265) The Augmented reality is this concept of having information on your handheld device etc, that can be perceived flowing in and out of physical space.i like to define it as a window that exists between the user and Cyberspace, it allows the viewer to think that he/she can see what nobody else can!


While looking at Alter Bahnhof's video walk, it was seen as something that is mesmerizing


The outcome, I thought was very well made, for alot of changing ideas and storylines, I am actually glad that this idea was the one that stuck. What I was able to do in this project, was design my own version of an augmented reality, rather than create a video of just an iphone being held in front of the camera like Alter Bahnhof's. As I was focusing on the importance of narrative, I decided to portray this concept as a film, rather than a kind of documentary. Wilson's links focus on the film without the narrative, as he is looking at the cinematic practice style of them, where as I have included dialogue and created a story within mine. Both Wilson and I have provided an interview, so if you could spare some of your time, you will be able to understand it in more detail. I wanted to show how something basic like this can engage the viewer in a whole different way. It is something new and something that would become popular in the near future in my opinion.


de Souza e Silva, A. (2006). From cyber to hybrid: mobile technologies as interfaces of hybrid spaces. Space & Culture, 9 (3), 261-278.

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