Wanted For Murder

'Wanted for Murder' was a quick film challenge that was organised by an event named 'Cinemasports.' Cinemasports is a fun and challenging event, that takes place all over the world, which sends out individual/teams of filmakers to plan, write, shoot and edit a film within a short period of time, ten hours. A friend and former classmate, Wilson Lynn, joined me to take on this challenge, with our equipment ready at the meetup in Lawrence street workshops, in which the event kicked off at 10am. However, the event did have some rules, you were allowed to make any film you wanted, as long as it revolved around three themes/ingredients:

  • A Flame

  • A Photograph

  • A Chase Scene

  • Whilst Wilson and myself were deciding on what to do and where to go, we were approached by a local actor, David Mc Cready, who was there offering his acting and we were delighted to have someone to jump on board with our challenge. Below is the outcome of the Cinemasports challenge. Wanted For Murder.